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What different types of air conditioning systems are there?

How long will my air conditioner last?

Good quality air conditioning units can last up 15 years with a good routine maintenance plan. This period can be halved if you neglect your system by not having a maintenance plan. If you would like to extend the life of your air conditioner you should be checking and cleaning your filter every month and replace it when needed. Clean any vegetation or debris from your air conditioning unit to maximize it’s ability to transfer heat from inside to outside.

Can a new air conditioning unit save me money?

Yes, most certainly a new air conditioning unit can save you money from your power bill.  A new air conditioning system can be 50-60% more energy efficient than a 10 year old unit.  Newer models of air conditioners can do a lot more cooling or heating while using a lot less electricity helping to lower your energy bill. 

What Temperature should i set my thermostat to?

The optimum temperature for you and your family can only be chosen by you as individual comfort levels vary at different temperatures. Try to have your air conditioning unit set to the highest possible temperature that will keep you feeling comfortable. 

Should i get my system maintained by a professional?

Yes.  Our professional Hills Air Conditioning Specialists are qualified and equipped to deal with a lot more than the average homeowner can undertake.  Our licensed professionals can check things like your refrigerant levels and they can catch  problems while they are still able to be repaired

How do i know if my air conditioner isn't working properly?

If your air conditioning unit suddenly starts to make any noises or it starts to smell unusual you need to have it looked at right away by a licensed professional. Other signs are if your energy bill dramatically increases but it is still under normal use or if your unit is only blowing warm air. 

Is reverse cycle heating better than other heating methods?

Reverse cycle heating is by far the most energy efficient  and cost effective method of heating.  It is cleaner than other methods of heating as the air is filtered before it is heated where other methods just heat unfiltered air.  Reverse cycle heating is the safest method as there is no combustion required in order to heat and there are also no pilot lights or risks of a potentially fatal gas leak.   

How big should my air conditioning system be?

Our Hills air conditioning specialists know what specific factors and conditions affect the way your space is heated or cooled and we calculate the area that requires heating and cooling.  You need to have the right sized unit for your particular space as bigger isn’t always better as a bigger unit for the space will operate in short cycles and won’t perform correctly.  An incorrectly sized unit can increase your running costs and it can also dramatically decrease the life of you air conditioning system.